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On this page you will find some translations of my German texts.


Yearning tears are never distincting stars.

The Price of Winglessness

"One oft he most painful moments in my life was when they broke my wings“, Claire said, “It was, of course, my decision to leave the other world but when it finally happened  to me, this pain, it exceeded all my imaginatios.

So, like many others, I started life in this world  with the woundpain of winglessness.


Although I had bewared the ability to break the rules of gravity, this special feeling  of gliding, of floating with outspread wings, this feeling of oneness with everything surrounding me, seemed  to be lost forever."

The Art of Swimming

Claire asked:  "Have you ever been fish and silvery waves and waterdrops?“


Later on, sitting again on the beach of the lake, my friend Claire said: „Swimming is, like all the beautiful arts of this world, metamorphosis, a magic act of unification with another element. To know this art is important for understanding  someone like me, coming from a sunken town.


Lost in wood, 

tracks in the snow

blown away long time ago,


to unknown places,

but, yet,

just following

the beat of your heart,